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About Us

If you are looking not just for a photo, but a personal treasure, C and C Photo Studios is the right choice for you. We strive to create images that will be looked at and treasured for years to come. It is with pride when we say that we have over 25 years of customer satisfaction and experience behind us. 

My Background

I've loved taking pictures since I took my first photography class in high school. And I'm inspired by the love I have for my home town.  I have also photographed many different subjects, scenes, and moments all over the world. There's a picture around every corner.

Sharing Stories

Through my prints and photo books, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home.

Photography as Communication

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. I use my camera to document the world and then print images with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. My pictures tell my stories. 

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CandC Photo Studios

302 West Butler Avenue, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901, United States

p. 215-345-1851